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Case Study: Regional Infrastructure Development

While South Sudan emerges as a new nation, infrastructure is poor or non-existent. A large international engineering firm was funded to develop a municipal water treatment facility in regional South Sudan. On completion, the facility would provide over 100,000 people with clean drinking water. A key component of this facility was electricity supply, yet due to limited existing infrastructure, the specific equipment had to be sourced and installed, before the water treatment facility could be operational.

Zikhara Solutions was asked to source and deliver this specialist equipment.

The Project
As expected in major infrastructure projects in developing regions, specific equipment, in this case an electrical transformer and ancillary materials, were not commonly available.

Zikhara immediately contacted both its regional supply network as well as global contacts.

Despite the short time line, Zikhara was able to source the required transformer, associated cables, pillars, and fuse boxes.  Delivery to the client was also completed within the required time-frame.

Despite the limited availability of specific items in South Sudan, Zikhara used its proprietary procurement network to find the right equipment for the project and deliver it on-time across four national borders. In this example, Zikhara's rapid procurement and one-off supply-chain was able to deliver the necessary equipment on time, playing a vital role in a capacity building project that in turn raises the level of economic development and infrastructure in East Africa.