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Case Study: Emergency Relief Operations

Since 2010, Zikhara Solutions has regularly supplied relief and emergency items to International Non Governmental Organisations (INGOs). Following the 2011 humanitarian crisis in Somalia, a regular INGO client urgently requested a large quantity of emergency relief supplies for life saving intervention in Dadaab, North-East Kenya.

The Project
Zikhara procured and supplied an urgently requested batch of over 120,000 jerry cans and buckets. This enabled the client to implement life-saving distributions to over 25,000 families living in the poorest of conditions in the Dadaab camps. The distribution was necessary to ensure families could safely access clean drinking water and provide drinking-water storage, therefore improving sanitation conditions and reducing the risk of disease.

The task included providing:

  • 65,000 rigid 20 litre jerry cans
  • 25,000 10 litre jerry cans
  • 30,000 10 litre plastic buckets
  • Loading and transporting these relief supplies from Nairobi to Dadaab distribution points

The Outcome
Within 30 days of the request, all goods were successfully delivered to the camps in Dadaab.

A large number of 40ft trucks and trailers were loaded within 15 days, thanks to Zikhara staff working seven day weeks to provide quality assurance and ensure timely deliveries.

The urgent client project was delivered on time, helping to ease the suffering of many people displaced by the fighting and drought in Somalia.

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