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Case Study: Construction Project


Zikhara Solutions was contracted by an international company that was providing project management and construction services for a capacity building contract in Juba, South Sudan.

The client required a large and diverse order for goods to be procured and then rapidly transported to Juba, South Sudan, all within a 30 day time frame.

The client’s procurement needs included construction materials and tools, electrical supplies, containers, generators, furniture and consumables, plus a wide range of items for the fit-out of the camp. The client request also included the management of all the transport and customs clearance.

The Project
Zikhara procured and supplied a significant amount of materials and goods for the building and habitation of a 140-man camp in Juba, South Sudan.  

The services provided by Zikhara included procurement of all goods, freight forwarding, customs clearance, and transport of goods from Kenya to South Sudan by road and air. Zikhara provided all goods, from construction materials and tools, to water and power supply needs, an industrial kitchen, right through to individual room fit-out requirements.

The goods included:

  • Over 350 individual line items -  27,000 individual items
  • 300 kva generators, cables, switches, lights, and purpose built fuel tanks
  • Industrial kitchen including reefer freezer, ovens, sinks and all utensils
  • Water filtration systems
  • Perimeter fencing and lights
  • Water heaters and air conditioners for the entire camp
  • All room fittings and fixtures including beds, TVs, and bathrooms
  • All power tools and miscellaneous tools for construction tasks
  • Paints and fibreglass
  • Shipping containers

The Outcome
The successful procurement and delivery of all goods to the project site in South Sudan within 30 days of issue of the purchase order. The goods procured and supplied in this time frame included numerous bulk items shipped in from the United Arab Emirates.

Numerous large truck-trailer units traversed across three national borders, and arrived with all goods received in good order, and with zero losses.

The client project was delivered on time.

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