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For more information about Zikhara, review Zikhara's case studies below.

Background Zikhara Solutions was contracted by a leading international oil and gas services company undertaking a new project in a remote site in Kenya. The client required support to establish an exploration base through the procurement and commissioning of infrastructure and equipment. The Project The client required a significant range of goods and minor works delivered within a tight time frame to meet their work schedule on a new oil and gas site project in Kenya. The client requirements also included the management of all the transport to the remote site and commissioning of key pieces of infrastructure through an onsite crew. The services provided by Zikhara included project management, procurement, minor works and construction, the transport of goods to site and commissioning of key infrastructure to the clients high safety standards. Numerous purchase orders were issued over a 4 month period. The goods supplied included: A number of converted 40 foot shipping containers fitted out with power, air conditioning, and interior fitment to specifications necessary for site functions such as a laboratory, ablutions, offices and storage/warehousing units. The units were placed on site with concrete bases and commissioned. Each container was provided with all required compliance certificates and testing results; Generators, cables, switches, lights; air conditioning units; General stores including chairs, tables and kitchen equipment; and Power tools and miscellaneous tools for construction tasks. The Outcome The successful procurement, delivery and acceptance of all goods to the project site within 30 days of issue of the individual purchase order; this included the minor construction work for container fit out and commissioning to the clients standards. The clients’ project schedule for this work was maintained by Zikhara. Next Case Study →

Case Study: Oil and Gas Project 

BackgroundZikhara Solutions was contracted by an international company that was providing project management and construction services for a capacity building contract in Juba, South Sudan. The client required a large and diverse order for goods to be procured and then rapidly transported to Juba, South Sudan, all within a 30 day time frame.The client’s procurement needs included construction materials and tools, electrical supplies, containers, generators, furniture and consumables, plus a wide range of items for the fit-out of the camp. The client request also included the management of all the transport and customs clearance.The ProjectZikhara procured and supplied a significant amount of materials and goods for the building and habitation of a 140-man camp in Juba, South Sudan.  The services provided by Zikhara included procurement of all goods, freight forwarding, customs clearance, and transport of goods from Kenya to South Sudan by road and air. Zikhara provided all goods, from construction materials and tools, to water and power supply needs, an industrial kitchen, right through to individual room fit-out requirements. The goods included: Over 350 individual line items -  27,000 individual items 300 kva generators, cables, switches, lights, and purpose built fuel tanks Industrial kitchen including reefer freezer, ovens, sinks and all utensils Water filtration systems Perimeter fencing and lights Water heaters and air conditioners for the entire camp All room fittings and fixtures including beds, TVs, and bathrooms All power tools and miscellaneous tools for construction tasks Paints and fibreglass Shipping containers The OutcomeThe successful procurement and delivery of all goods to the project site in South Sudan within 30 days of issue of the purchase order. The goods procured and supplied in this time frame included numerous bulk items shipped in from the United Arab Emirates. Numerous large truck-trailer units traversed across three national borders, and arrived with all goods received in good order, and with zero losses. The client project was delivered on time. Next Case Study →

Case Study: Construction Project 

BackgroundWhile South Sudan emerges as a new nation, infrastructure is poor or non-existent. A large international engineering firm was funded to develop a municipal water treatment facility in regional South Sudan. On completion, the facility would provide over 100,000 people with clean drinking water. A key component of this facility was electricity supply, yet due to limited existing infrastructure, the specific equipment had to be sourced and installed, before the water treatment facility could be operational. Zikhara Solutions was asked to source and deliver this specialist equipment.The ProjectAs expected in major infrastructure projects in developing regions, specific equipment, in this case an electrical transformer and ancillary materials, were not commonly available.Zikhara immediately contacted both its regional supply network as well as global contacts.Despite the short time line, Zikhara was able to source the required transformer, associated cables, pillars, and fuse boxes.  Delivery to the client was also completed within the required time-frame.OutcomeDespite the limited availability of specific items in South Sudan, Zikhara used its proprietary procurement network to find the right equipment for the project and deliver it on-time across four national borders. In this example, Zikhara's rapid procurement and one-off supply-chain was able to deliver the necessary equipment on time, playing a vital role in a capacity building project that in turn raises the level of economic development and infrastructure in East Africa.

Case Study: Regional Infrastructure Development 

BackgroundSince 2010, Zikhara Solutions has regularly supplied relief and emergency items to International Non Governmental Organisations (INGOs). Following the 2011 humanitarian crisis in Somalia, a regular INGO client urgently requested a large quantity of emergency relief supplies for life saving intervention in Dadaab, North-East Kenya. The ProjectZikhara procured and supplied an urgently requested batch of over 120,000 jerry cans and buckets. This enabled the client to implement life-saving distributions to over 25,000 families living in the poorest of conditions in the Dadaab camps. The distribution was necessary to ensure families could safely access clean drinking water and provide drinking-water storage, therefore improving sanitation conditions and reducing the risk of disease. The task included providing: 65,000 rigid 20 litre jerry cans 25,000 10 litre jerry cans 30,000 10 litre plastic buckets Loading and transporting these relief supplies from Nairobi to Dadaab distribution points The OutcomeWithin 30 days of the request, all goods were successfully delivered to the camps in Dadaab.A large number of 40ft trucks and trailers were loaded within 15 days, thanks to Zikhara staff working seven day weeks to provide quality assurance and ensure timely deliveries. The urgent client project was delivered on time, helping to ease the suffering of many people displaced by the fighting and drought in Somalia. Next Case Study →

Case Study: Emergency Relief Operations