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About Us

Zikhara Solutions' success is based on reliable procurement and supply networks that are flexible enough to cater for unpredictable and challenging environments. Supporting this success are our commitments to:

  • Speed and efficiency of deliveries, including to frontier locations
  • A practical and quality range of products and suppliers
  • Reliability, underpinned by accountability and transparency
  • An ethical approach to business dealings  - our word
  • Working with clients to understand and support broader project aims
  • Value for money

Additionally, Zikhara's competitive pricing ensures that clients can deliver projects within their budget.

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Zikhara was created by a team who saw the opportunity to combine their six decades of experience in procurement and logistics in East Africa and to offer a faster and better value for money service than competitors.

Zikhara is head-quartered in Nairobi, Kenya, and has a truly global customer base. Recent experiences in challenging and remote locations, including post-conflict areas and developing economies, has proven that Zikhara is capable of efficient and effective procurement and logistics into some of Africa's most demanding environments.

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Zikhara - We can source and ship your supplies, goods and material into East Africa, at short notice, on time, even in adverse situations.